A special wedding to share on my blog today, a wedding I was looking forward to all season for many reasons, but mainly because Emily & Chris are just awesome people. I knew right from the moment we met I was going to have an amazing time, and when I told my friend and epic wedding photographer Aaron Storry about it, he wanted in on the action also.

Their day started at their home, Chris having been booted out the night before to make way for Emily’s parents and bridesmaid who was over from Australia. From there we headed over to the spectacular Oratory on the Hagley Road, Birmingham. Not many people seem to know about this hidden gem of a church even though it’s on one of the main link roads into town. The best way to describe it, well my version anyway is its Birmingham’s version of the Sistine Chapel, its simply breath taking and well worth sticking your head in for a nose.

From there guests all piled onto the big red bus which the couple had organised, although we weren’t on it, we could tell guests had one hell of a journey! Destination – Shustoke Farm Barns. You have probably seen this is my second home this season but each time I go back, I find it all the more magnificent.

Im going to let my images do the talking, needless to say this was one fun day from the start to finish……